Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Postcard 20...Trade Being Arranged!

(Click on image to enlarge.)

This postcard was created from a "background" made while learning how to embellish. A piece of deep plum, hand dyed jute scrim was applied to a course substrata with painted Wonder Under (Bond-a-Web). Metallic foiling and a sheer chiffon scarf were added and meshed together. On top is another scrap from my embellishing experiments. Light blue felt was embellished with green rovings and purple chiffon. It was free motion stitched and melted.

The reverse is a Japanese postcard brought back by my elder son Mathias after his first trip. It is signed and dated in ink.

I'm thrilled to be trading with Hanna who blogs here.


Hanna said...

So many beautiful cards that it was hard to choose the one that seemed to be "my" card.
IU would love to trade you for this card and be part of this.

Cyber Fyber said...

Hi Hanna!
I'm thrilled to be trading with you! Thanks for your interest and support!