Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Postcard 22...Trade Being Arranged!

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This postcard was made from an older piece of heat transferred fabric. The design was based a stained glass quatrafoil and applied as a positive and as a resist. It is embellished with free motion embroidery using variegated threads.

The reverse is a Japanese postcard brought home by my elder son Mathias after his first trip. It is signed and dated in ink.

I am thrilled to be trading this postcard with Denise whose brand new blog is off to a wonderful start here.

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Cyber Fyber said...

Denise left a comment on Postcard 114...about an hour after Diane did. Diane sent her "real" address and we traded. Fortunately, Denise left me a message that said she's take this postcard if the other wasn't available. So, I'm thrilled to be trading with Denise! Thanks so very much, Denise, for your understanding!