Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Postcard 41...Trade Being Arranged!

(Click on image to enlarge.)

This postcard was made from a background of black linen with heavily painted Wonder Under (Bond-a-Web). It was created shortly after my first machine embroidery class (under Valerie Campbell-Harding) and one of the only times I've used the lettering option on my Bernina. It says "endless possibilities".

The reverse is a piece of off-white vinyl, signed and dated in ink.

I'm thrilled to be trading this postcard with Aussie Jo who blogs here and requested this postcard despite the fact the picture was missing! Thanks so much!


Aussie Jo said...

Hi Susan,
I would like to swap for your endless possibilities postcard. It would be a wonderful addition to my daughter's 18th birthday present of an altered book.
P.S. there is no picture here so I'm assuming it's similar to the others???

Cyber Fyber said...

I'm thrilled to be trading with an adventuresome Australian who is taking this postcard "sight unseen". I have no idea how it happened that Postcard 41 didn't get it's image up...I'll be fixing it in a minute! Thanks Jo-Anne for trading with me again, for your support, and for trading "blind"!